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Sales team get your sleeves rolled up to close more deals in less with Bigin.

Zoho Bigin

The most commonly faced problem by a sales team is not spending enough time on what they need to & that’s Prospects!

As an authorised Zoho Partner, Motviz can help you resolve all issues faced by your sales reps. Zoho Bigin is a powerful but easy-to-use solution. Motviz can help you understand all the features. We can help you unveil the real potential of Zoho Bigin by providing our best consultancy services to you.


make all Zoho Bigin features implemented


Real-time notifications for every Sales Reps

Customize Dashboard

Customised dashboard with all insights, activities and follow-ups

Improve Sales

Help you improve your sales opportunities

Digital Transformation

Understand the benefits and then implement it

Web Form Integration

design web forms to capture website visitor details



We provide complete assistance in managing all your business processes


Zoho Implementation

Proven Methodology for Successful Implementation.



We offers a series of training programs for all Zoho Applications

Features and benefits

Here are some features and benefits of Zoho Bigin that will transform your business.

Get all customer context
Easy design with limited features
Integrations | Build-in telephony
Insights and real-time notifications
Out-of-the-box analytics dashboard
  • Get all customer context

    See Timeline, history of data, deal information, social media activities, & emails of all your leads – you got it all! Hey, don’t freak out. Yes, it’s that easy to grab any pitch next time you have a prospect.

  • Easy design with limited features

    No need to learn all! Yes, we know that you have to use only some features for that deal to consider for the next stage. Only use limited features and don’t get confused and puzzled.

  • Integrations | Build-in telephony

    A cool integration to reach out to your customers and prospects easily. Cool because you can have an integrated but no-hardware telephone system. Purchase a phone number for your team, make/receive calls and you are good to go.

  • Insights and real-time notifications

    Who doesn’t want this? Communication at the right time with a prospect with real-time notifications from your teammates. What’s going on? What to do next? You have all the reminders, dear salespeople.

  • Out-of-the-box analytics dashboard

    Super awesome feature that holds your eye and lets you know what to keep or discard at the right time. All the pipeline insights. Bigin Dashboard helps you determine the key performance indicators.

Convince yourself of ZOHO Bigin

Because it is effortless! How? Well, if you are handling a sales team with any Pipeline Management System, you can easily connect with the time and effort this system requires maintaining the data properly into the system. Right?

But with the right Zoho Bigin service provider, you don’t have to get the long hours training on this compact module. It’s easy, fast and very user-friendly, especially for sales reps. It is specially designed for sales reps, as Zoho Bigin knows how much field service module is beneficial – if it is on a smartphone in the form of an App. Yes! This Sales App is available for iOS and Android smartphone devices. Also, it has been built with special consideration for field sales reps.

Leverage our expertise for efficient business automation

Team Motviz has been helping companies in India and has been a partner for all business management services. We understand that just automating is not enough. Automating with being able to efficiently utilize business software is what gives your business a competitive edge.

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Why choose Motviz

Motviz being an authorised Zoho partner helps you with all services such as Zoho Bigin consultant, Zoho Bigin solution provider, Zoho Bigin product implementation or even after support and maintenance services.

Friendly With an Account’s Language

We got a team of experienced consultants who have worked with various accountants and have a deep knowledge of business accounting and common terminologies. And so your accountant won’t get pissed off in telling the account’s language. So, you will invest quality time while working with us.

We Can Ease Accounting Work

You just need to be focusing upon the deals and their negotiations. Once the setup is complete, raising sales orders or invoices or handling any mundane accounting task efficiently by Zoho Books. A big help for your single accountant.


We are well-versed in every integration and can suggest you some good Zoho apps for your growing business. An all-round benefit for your company as you will get transparency and automation in your business activities. We will do it all as our Zoho support services.

Full-fledged Training

No, we won’t let you deal it with alone after the complete setup. Our Zoho consultants will make sure that your accountant and accounting department is a hand-on experience with this new digital transformation. So, happy you, happy us!

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