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Zoho Analytics | Reporting Software

BI & Analytics Online Reporting tool for your Business Health


Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics (Formerly known as Zoho Reports) is also popularly called a Self-service BI and analytics software. From a CEO, sales manager, to an IT person, anyone can use this tool to discover business insights. This online reporting tool can help you generate quick & stunning, visual analytics reports. It has a full-fledged customisable and unified dashboard to get out of the box insights for sales, finance, marketing & IT. Moreover, you also get the option to combine insights across all departments and apps.

Analyse data

Analyse data from multiple resources like Cloud databases / rives, etc.


Rich element visualizations through drag-drop feature


Create a variety of charts, data tables, KPI widgets in minutes


Use interactive options to slice and dice data

Resolve problems

Run the investigative analysis to pinpoint problems

AI Assistant

Ask business-critical questions to ZIA ( AI Assistant)



We provide complete assistance in managing all your business processes


Zoho Implementation

Proven Methodology for Successful Implementation.



We offers a series of training programs for all Zoho Applications

Features and benefits

You don’t need to spend countless hours manually segmenting data & making reports. Improve your business efficiency Try Zoho Analytics as your Business intelligence software & report automation tool.

Connect to any data source
Upload data from various sources
Import or Upload data
Connect with applications
  • Connect to any data source

    You can connect with many data source with Zoho analytics like-
    Essential Connectors, Sales Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Financial Analytics, eCom Analytics, Project Management Analytics, IT & Helpdesk Analytics, HR Analytics etc. You can Import data from a variety of data and store them in cloud also you can manage all this on one single platform.

  • Upload data from various sources

    Zoho Analytics offers easy import and copy-paste options of data like CSV, XLS (Excel), JSON, Statistical file, and HTML files from your local drive or FTP for jump-starting your reporting and analysis.

  • Import or Upload data from databases

    Analyze and uncover the hidden insights from the data present in your in-house databases (both SQL and NoSQL) using Zoho Analytics. Upload data from in-house databases and flat files located behind the firewall using our easy-to-install and robust ‘Zoho Databridge’.

  • Connect with popular business applications

    Connect your Zoho Analytics with different Zoho applications. It helps you to take the data directly from the applications and create reports easily. It also allows you to connect with out of the box applications for different purposes like Mailchimp, Facebook, Bing Ads.

Leverage our expertise for efficient business automation

Team Motviz has been helping companies in India and has been a partner for all business management services. We understand that just automating is not enough. Automating with being able to efficiently utilize business software is what gives your business a competitive edge.

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Why choose Motviz

There are many reasons to choose Motviz as your software partners for Zoho Analytics. We have Zoho experts who help you to understand all the expats and features of Zoho Analytics so you can get data from a wide range of sources for your business and create cross functional reports and dashboards, to view your business health across departments.

Technical Prowess

No more technical glitches when you onboard Motviz for your software solutions.

Automation Updates

Motviz Zoho consultants create a precise automation tool for data analytics software.

Embedded BI & Analytics

Our Zoho consultants & developers can help you get a seamless solution with embedded Business Intelligence & Analytics.

White Labeling

Get White labelled BI solutions & a re-branded portal set up by our Zoho developers.

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