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MotvizZoho Is Zoho Books a good alternative to QuickBooks Accounting?

Is Zoho Books a good alternative to QuickBooks Accounting?

Is your company like many others, thinking about the best accounting software program available right now? As QuickBooks is closing its pages in India, you might be overwhelmed with deciding on which accounting software could be the best for your company.   

There has always been a better accounting solution in the market for Indian small businesses– And that is Zoho Books from Zoho. In this blog, we are trying to ensure you a complete alternative to Intuit QuickBooks. 

Best Accounting Software for Indian small businesses   

What should it take for a software solution to be the best in India?  

It should connect with numerous customers while making ends meets for a small business – meaning, it should be cheap / affordable. Zoho is an Indian company providing affordable business software solutions all around the world. In India, there are innumerable businesses in the small and micro (MSME) sectors. Zoho promotes such business by its value.  

Reliability  of Quickbooks and Zoho Books

QuickBooks was one of the most sought and widely popular business software in India. The most reliable part of QuickBooks is its scalability and popularity among accountants. It was simple and it allowed third-party integrations. Also, accounting software like QuickBooks has provided cloud-based integrations and mobile apps.   

As much as it was a well fit for micro finances and small businesses, it was not devoid of common accounting software bugs. While it allowed integrations to sustain along with other business-related software, businesses found it hard to keep up with emerging cloud-based, all-in-one types of business solutions.  Zoho Books is such a solution, but affordable for small scale businesses 

But for Indian businesses, QuickBooks is about to close. With extended support till 2023, QuickBooks promises to support clients in India.  In this verge, we as Zoho Partners not only recommend a migration to Zoho Books, but endorse it strongly because of its innovative app integrations.  


What makes Zoho Books good enough? 

With all the modern requirements demanded by accounting in India, Zoho has always been and still, standing out as the most reliable accounting software. Most businesses prefer to make the switch from QuickBooks to Zoho Books. But why?  

Because Zoho has been serving small businesses for over a decade. To date, Zoho has produced a vast amount of business software tools. Just like Google offer free and useful solutions for each of its accounts, Zoho has carefully tailored and presented a bunch of useful business tools in a suit, called Zoho One. Zoho payroll, Zoho CRM, Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho Signs etc are some of its numerous business tools. Each of these simple and useful tools is made free (with the package) or affordable for small businesses.   

As one of Zoho premium partners in India– located in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Gurgaon, Motviz recommends you this transition. We will help you to evaluate your business before the migration and implementation of Zoho Books. We can help you to replace any integrations you made with QuickBooks as well.


More Benefits on switching to Zoho Books from QuickBooks  

It won’t cost much when Zoho offers a bunch of benefits at this point. A few are listed below 

  • A trusted financial advisor – In Zoho Books expert financial guidance, you can always find a community of expert accountants, advisors and bookkeepers.  They can help you with good financial advice.  
  • Excellent GST compliance – From Audit to GST filing, all done in the software. File GST right from your software. 
  • QuickBooks of India – Zoho is more than an accounting software. Zoho comes with a whole package of solutions a business needs to look forward to a competitive future.   
  • And the better gift especially for all Indian QuickBooks users- It offers a massive reduction in Zoho Books price upto 50%!   


Migrating your business from QuickBooks to Zoho Books 

 It is really easy to migrate to Zoho Books from any accounting software. Zoho Books is a part of a group of Zoho products called Zoho One, a software suite from Zoho for small businesses. It adds value by complementing one software, say Zoho Books, with many other supporting software and features.   

Since Intuit has offered QuickBooks support till 2023, You can keep QuickBooks as an archive and start with your data in Zoho Books. For any support, Motviz can help you 24 hrs on business days.   

Motviz is one of the best software implementation partners you can find for Zoho implementation. Because we help small businesses evaluate their processes. We recommend the right software from our pool of partner software programs. We have been helping businesses from years and we have good experience in helping small and medium-sized businesses in India, the UK, the US, and Ireland.  

Contact us to know more about Zoho Books and the current discounts we can avail for your business. You can demand a free demo. Just drop your needs in the message.

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