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People Matters Pvt Ltd - Case Study

Background of client business

They provide valuable insights to talented professionals, helping them stay ahead of the curve and make impactful decisions. With their finger on the pulse of new ideas, trends, and technological innovations, they’re here to help people navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of this dynamic new era.

people matters case study




Zoho CRM

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How Zoho CRM is useful for their business

Customer Relationship Management

Zoho CRM is a Customer Relationship Management platform that helps organizations manage and analyze customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. It allows businesses to track leads, contacts, and opportunities.

Cvent Application

Event Management: Cvent is an event management platform that assists organizations in planning, organizing, and managing events. This could include conferences, meetings, webinars, and more.


  • Data Flow: The integration between Zoho CRM and Cvent allows for the seamless flow of data between the two platforms. This means that information about events, attendees, and other relevant details can be synchronized and stored within the Zoho CRM system.
  • Record Keeping: By integrating Cvent with Zoho CRM, the organization can centralize its event-related data within the CRM platform. This enables them to have a consolidated view of customer interactions and event details in one place.
  • Automation: Depending on the specific integration setup, automation features may be utilized to streamline processes. For example, automating the transfer of attendee information, updating contact records, or triggering follow-up actions based on event participation.
  • Analytics: Zoho CRM may offer analytics and reporting features that allow organizations to gain insights into the success of their events, track attendee engagement, and assess the impact of events on customer relationships.
  • Improved Communication: Integration can facilitate better communication between teams involved in event management and customer relationship management. For example, sales teams can access information about
    customer interactions during events, leading to more targeted and effective follow-ups.

Overall, the integration of Zoho CRM with the Cvent application can enhance the organization’s ability to manage events and leverage customer data for improved relationships and business outcomes. It’s essential to configure the integration according to the organization’s specific needs and goals.

Key Challenges:

  • The current use of the application does not provide an efficient mechanism to track all active events in real-time.
  • The lack of a centralized dashboard or system for monitoring ongoing events creates difficulties in managing and prioritizing tasks.
  • There is a challenge in maintaining a comprehensive history of clients who have participated in past events.
  • The absence of a robust tracking system hampers the ability to analyze client engagement over time and tailor future interactions accordingly.
  • And all the Installment payment details will be captured in Zoho Books in against of that single raised Invoice and once the payment is recorded in Zoho Books, details should be updated in real time in the Invoice Module of Zoho CRM.
  • Due to the difficulties in tracking active events and maintaining client histories, generating accurate and detailed reports becomes a major challenge.
  • Reporting gaps hinder the organization’s ability to assess the success of events, understand attendee engagement, and make data-driven decisions

Evaluation of the problem:

Following an in-depth conversation and problem evaluation with People Matters Pvt Ltd, it was determined
that the key challenges they face, such as difficulty in tracking active events, maintaining client histories,
and generating accurate reports, could be effectively addressed through an integration solution. The
proposed integration involves linking Cvent with the existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
system. This integration not only promises to streamline data flow between the platforms but also offers
real-time tracking of events, comprehensive client histories, and improved reporting capabilities.
Additionally, the integrated system is expected to enhance collaboration among team members by providing
a unified platform for accessing client information and event data, thereby improving overall team
productivity. The proposed solution aligns with the organization’s goals of providing customized learning
experiences and effectively managing talent challenges.


People Matters Pvt Ltd has successfully streamlined its event management and customer relationship efforts
by integrating Cvent with a customized module in Zoho CRM. The tailored configuration of fields and
modules in Zoho CRM ensures that the integration aligns precisely with the organization’s specific needs.
The inclusion of webhooks enhances the efficiency of the integration, enabling real-time data flow between
Cvent and Zoho CRM. This strategic integration not only facilitates the seamless transfer of information but
also allows for automation of processes triggered by specific events. As a result, People Matters Pvt Ltd can
now benefit from improved workflows, accurate and up-to-date data, and enhanced capabilities for
generating detailed reports and analytics. This integrated approach underscores the organization’s
commitment to optimizing its processes, ensuring flexibility for future needs, and leveraging technology to
elevate its event management and customer relationship strategies.


The integration of Cvent with the customized module in Zoho CRM has yielded significant positive results
for People Matters Pvt Ltd. The real-time data flow facilitated by webhooks has streamlined event
management and customer relationship processes. The organization now benefits from improved workflows,
ensuring accurate and up-to-date information transfer between Cvent and Zoho CRM.

The integration has successfully addressed the key challenges identified earlier. Real-time tracking of
events, comprehensive client histories, and enhanced reporting capabilities have significantly improved the
organization’s ability to manage and analyse customer interactions. Automation of processes triggered by
specific events has further increased efficiency and reduced manual intervention.

Team collaboration has been enhanced with a unified platform for accessing client information and event
data, leading to improved overall productivity. The organization can now generate detailed reports and
analytics, providing valuable insights into event success and attendee engagement.

In summary, the implementation of the integration solution has resulted in a more streamlined, efficient, and
data-driven approach to event management and customer relationship strategies at People Matters Pvt Ltd.
The positive outcomes align with the organization’s goals of providing customized learning experiences and
effectively managing talent challenges.


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