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Bakhla Tours and Travels - Case Study

Company Background:

Bakhla Tours is a renowned travel agency specializing in providing
seamless travel experiences to its clients. With a commitment to
excellence, the company has established itself as a trusted
partner for individuals and businesses seeking reliable travel
solutions. Bakhla Tours is dedicated to ensuring a smooth journey
for its clients, from visa processing to ticket booking and itinerary

Bhakla Tours and Travels-Case Study
Bhakla Tours and Travels-Case Study


Tours and Travels


Zoho CRM

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Operational Challenges:

  • Lead and Contact Management:

    • The company faced difficulties managing leads and
      contacts effectively, leading to potential duplicity and loss of
      valuable information while coming from different online sources
      integrated Via APIs.
    • Integration issues were observed when handling leads from
      various sources, causing delays in follow-ups and possible
      business loss.

  • Visa and Ticket Sharing:

    • Manual sharing of visa and ticket information led to
      inefficiencies and delays in communication.
    • Lack of a centralized system for tracking visa and ticket
      status resulted in potential oversight and increased workload for
      the team.

  • Incoming Call Handling:

    • Challenges in handling incoming calls efficiently, especially
      in situations where contacts returned for additional services or
    • There is a need for an automated system to categorize calls, update
      lead/contact information, and create new leads if necessary.

  • Deal Management:

    • Difficulty in tracking the progress of deals, with the possibility
      of losing track of open deals.
    • Challenges in updating deals based on contact or lead
      status changes.

  • Quote Sharing via WhatsApp:

    • The absence of a streamlined process for sending quotes to
      contacts over WhatsApp directly from the CRM.
    • Manual efforts were required to send quotes, leading to
      potential delays and errors.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Lead and Contact Management:

    • Implemented a comprehensive API integration to search for
      existing phone numbers in contacts. If not found, a lead search is conducted, and a new lead is generated if necessary.
    • Addressed lead duplicity by updating existing leads and
      creating new leads only when needed.

  • Visa and Ticket Sharing:

    • Developed a custom button that opens a form in the CRM
      server, integrating with WATI APIs for efficient sharing of visa and
      ticket information.
    • Created a custom module for tracking the status of visa
      processing, allowing for easy reporting and follow-ups.

  • Incoming Call Handling:

    • Implemented a systematic approach to handle incoming
      calls, searching for existing contacts and leads based on the
      phone number.
    • New leads are generated if necessary, ensuring a seamless
      follow-up process.

  • Deal Management:

    • Introduced a process to check for existing open deals before
      updating contact or lead information, minimizing the risk of the deal
      loss or oversight.
    • Automated the creation of deals in the qualification stage if
      no open deals were found.

  • Quote Sharing via WhatsApp:

    • Integrated WATI flows to add a “+” to contact numbers
      coming from leads via WATI, overcoming the challenge of
      existing pre-written functions in integrated plugins.

Client Requirement:

Separate sales orders should be created for
every item added into a quote during the conversion to a sales
order. Each sales order should have different tax criteria.

Solution in Zoho CRM:

Implemented a custom function within Zoho
CRM to automate the process of creating separate sales orders
for each item in the quote. This custom function handles the logic
for generating new sales orders, copying relevant information from
the original quote, and applying different tax criteria as required.


  • Operational Efficiency: The implemented solutions streamlined
    lead and contact management, significantly reducing duplicity
    and loss.
  • Improved Communication: The integration of WATI APIs
    enhanced communication efficiency, especially in visa and
    ticket sharing, reducing manual efforts.
  • Enhanced Deal Tracking: The automated deal management
    the system improved the tracking of deal progress and minimized
    the risk of deal loss.
  • Better Quote Sharing: The custom tab for sending quotes via
    WhatsApp simplified the process and reduced the chances of

Bakhla Tours successfully addressed operational challenges,
enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. The
implemented solutions not only resolved existing issues but also
positioned the company for future growth and scalability.


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