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MotvizZoho Zoho CRM VS Insightly CRM: Which one is right for you?
Zoho CRM VS Insightly CRM

Zoho CRM VS Insightly CRM: Which one is right for you?

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM offers a high level of customization to cater to the unique requirements of businesses of all sizes and industries. From start-ups to large corporations, various sectors including real estate, healthcare, insurance, legal, media, restaurants, travel, banking, tax, freelancers, and non-profits utilize modern CRM systems like Zoho CRM to enhance their sales, marketing, and customer service strategies.


Zoho CRM is a valuable tool for B2B companies, allowing them to efficiently manage contact information, and track business deals, payments, and reports.

This CRM system provides a centralized platform for B2B companies to keep their partners, vendors, and other stakeholders in sync with each other.


In contrast to B2B  companies, B2C companies have shorter customer life cycles and require a more direct and less time-consuming solution.

Zoho CRM offers features such as lead management, instant surveys, and marketing automation to help B2Cs easily connect with their customers.


SMBs, or smart and modern businesses, can benefit from cloud CRM solutions like Zoho CRM without the misconception that they are too expensive or complicated.

SMBs can start their CRM journey with the free version of Zoho CRM, providing them with a level playing field to compete against larger players in their industry.


Zoho CRM offers advanced features like workflow management, analytics, territory management, and automation to help enterprises streamline their operations.

By reducing the time spent on mundane tasks, salespeople can focus more on customer relationships and unify operations across multiple locations.

Features of Zoho CRM

  1. Data protection Security
    Adherence to regulations is guaranteed with Zoho CRM. Your customer data is securely stored in our data centers, protected by advanced physical and digital security measures.
  2. Enhanced mobility
    Zoho CRM mobile provides seamless access to crucial CRM data for your team, regardless of their location. Whether in the field or on the move, sales representatives can easily retrieve information about nearby clients or schedule meetings on the fly.
  3. Improved client satisfaction
    Equipped with comprehensive customer history and insights into common issues faced by others, Zoho CRM empowers your team to address inquiries promptly, leading to increased customer satisfaction.


What is Insightly CRM?

By utilizing Insightly CRM, all relevant data about existing and potential customers can be consolidated into a single platform, thereby enhancing productivity. This comprehensive system enables sales teams to foster robust connections, allows managers to oversee their employees’ progress, and empowers marketing teams to effectively monitor their projects.


Features of Insightly CRM

Contact Management

Utilize linking to establish connections between your contacts and other data, such as their workplace or pending projects. Sales Management Monitor every step of your sales process using customizable pipelines, Kanban views, and workflow automation to streamline your transactions.


  1. Project Management
    Organize your pre-and post-sales activities with tools like milestones, pipelines, and Kanban views. Set deadlines and track progress effortlessly.
  2. Task Management
    Set up reminders, To-Do lists, and call logs – tasks can be tailored to suit your needs. You can also automate task generation using activity sets.
  3. Reporting & Dashboards
    Gain a visual overview of your business and track key metrics with reports and dashboards.


Comparison: Zoho CRM vs Insightly CRM

Zoho CRM offers a range of tools that are interconnected through integrations, whereas Insightly simplifies the process by providing a set of applications on a unified platform (Insightly Marketing, Insightly Service, and App Connect).

This approach eliminates the complications that can arise from relying heavily on integration.

The Insightly CRM platform is designed to help organizations effectively manage their client connections, track sales prospects, and streamline operations.

It is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool that offers a range of features and tools to enhance project management, marketing, and sales initiatives.

Although we cannot delve into all the specifics of this CRM solution here, we have a detailed Insightly review available that provides a more comprehensive overview of its capabilities.

Insightly proves to be an ideal option for businesses in search of a powerful CRM solution that prioritizes simplicity and seamless integration of CRM and project management.

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