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motvizZoho India Mart integration with ZOHO CRM
integration with ZOHO CRM

India Mart integration with ZOHO CRM

Integrating CRM with the India Mart website can be achieved through two distinct methods, each offering its own set of benefits and requirements.

1. Plugin:

One approach to integration involves utilizing a plugin available through the Zoho Marketplace. This plugin streamlines the integration process, providing users with a user-friendly interface and pre-configured settings to facilitate seamless data exchange between India Mart and Zoho CRM.

2. Custom API:

Alternatively, businesses can opt for custom integration using API (Application Programming Interface). This method involves leveraging the India Mart key and following a series of steps to establish a direct connection between the two platforms.

To initiate the integration process between India Mart and Zoho CRM, several prerequisites must be met:


1. India Mart Account Credentials:

Users must possess valid login credentials for their India Mart account to access the necessary resources and permissions required for integration.


2. CRM Key:

A unique CRM key is essential for establishing communication between India Mart and Zoho CRM. This key serves as a secure authentication token, enabling data exchange between the two platforms.


3. Zoho CRM Account Credentials:

Access to a Zoho CRM account is necessary to configure and manage the integration settings within the CRM environment.


Integration Process:

Step 1: Generate CRM Key:

Begin by generating the CRM key from India Mart. This key can typically be obtained from the India Mart seller dashboard or API management section. The CRM key serves as a crucial identifier for establishing a connection between India Mart and Zoho CRM.


Step 2: Create POST API:

Once the CRM key is obtained, proceed to create a POST API endpoint within Zoho CRM. This API endpoint will facilitate the retrieval of data from India Mart and should include parameters such as the CRM key, start date, and end date to specify the desired data range.


Step 3: Process Data:

Upon receiving data from India Mart via the API endpoint, the information will typically be in JSON format. It is essential to parse and process this data accordingly. Convert the JSON data into an array and store the values in their respective variables within Zoho CRM for further analysis and utilization.


By following these steps and leveraging either the plugin or custom API method, businesses can seamlessly integrate India Mart with Zoho CRM, with the expertise of Motviz, Zoho consultants in USA and UK, enabling efficient data synchronization and enhancing overall workflow automation and productivity. Maximize efficiency and streamline operations with our specialized guidance and support.

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